Nagar Nigam Saharanpur Election Result 2017 | Ward Wise Winner [Parshad/Mayor] List | Live Counting

Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Chunav Result | Live Vote Counting of Saharanpur Municipal Corporation | Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Election Ward Wise Winner Parshad List/ Mahapaur,Mayor Name

Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Election  live vote counting started today from 8:00 am. Now the time has come for Nagar Nigam Saharanpur Chunav Result. Total Wards in Saharanpur District of Uttar Pradesh is 60. After the vote counting, we will have the Winner List. Also we will Share the Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Mahapaur/Mayor Winner Candidate.

Full details of Results of Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Chunav are being updated at our page. Hence stay connects with us for more details of Nagar Nigam Election Results 2017 of Saharanpur. The Lok Sabha Election Uttar Pradesh 2017 was already won by the leading party BJP. Hence, the party will accept good results in this Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Election also. On the other hand, other parties will take a focal point this election. Even this was also secret information that the other three parties, Congress, SP, and BSP will come jointly soon. Means GATHBANDHAN is also the big point for this election.

Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Chunav Result | Live Counting 2017

Well, Saharanpur is the large area of Uttar Pradesh. That’s why the place consists 60 Wards. These 60 wards battle is to start now. And every political party wants to attract the voters for getting more votes in Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Chunav Result 2017. We also update the Ward Wise Saharanpur Municipal Corporation Winner Parshad Candidate List on our page.

On our page, you will get original and comprehensive news about Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017. This time Election will become the difficult fight between all the parties. The main fight is in between BJP and Congress. These two parties are the most leading party in the state now. However, SP and BSP also put their lots of efforts in Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Election. Let’s see what was happen in this Election Result 2017.

  • Nomination Starting Date in Saharanpur: 29/10/2017 – 06/11/2017
  • Scrutiny Date of Nominations: 07/11/2017
  • Last Date of Withdrawal Name: 09/11/2017
  • Voting Date in Saharanpur: 29/11/2017
  • Election Symbol Allotment Date: 10/11/2017
  • Time of Voting: 7:30 AM-5:00 PM
  • Live Vote Counting Date of Saharanpur: 01/12/2017
  • Phase of Voting: Third Phase
  • Number of Wards:247
  • Number of Nikay:11
  • Total Polling Booths: 244

Ward Wise Saharanpur Nagar Nigam Winner List | Winner Mayor/Parshad List

Live Vote Counting in Saharanpur starts on 1st December 2017. This is the official date of Vote Counting of Saharanpur Nagar Nikay Election 2017.

Ward No. Ward NameWinner Name
Ward No. 1Mouajjampura
Ward No. 2Pijaura Badshahpur
Ward No. 3Aojpura
Ward No. 4Mohammadpur Pafi
Ward No. 5Sadak Dudhali
Ward No. 6Vardhaman Colony Vara Kotatala
Ward No. 7Jatav Nagar
Ward No. 8Dara Kotatala Swad Bairun
Ward No. 9Gwalira
Ward No. 10Fatehpur Jatt
Ward No. 11Mawikala
Ward No. 12Khalasi Line Uttari
Ward No. 13Chakahateti
Ward No. 14Sharda Nagar Uttari
Ward No. 15Railway Quater
Ward No. 16Navin Nagar
Ward No. 17Garhi Maluk
Ward No. 18Labor Colony
Ward No. 19Gopal Nagar
Ward No. 20Janakpuri
Ward No. 21Himmat Nagar
Ward No. 22Municipal Colony
Ward No. 23Kishanpura
Ward No. 24Govind Nagar
Ward No. 25ITC Khalasi Line
Ward No. 26Manak Mau Uttari
Ward No. 27Daramilkana
Ward No. 28Khanalampura Takiya
Ward No. 29Beri Bag
Ward No. 30Madan Puri
Ward No. 31Manak Mau Dakshini
Ward No. 32Khanalampura
Ward No. 33Hasanpur  Kadeem
Ward No. 34Ilahipura
Ward No. 35Jawahar Park
Ward No. 36Siraj Colony Dara Kortala
Ward No. 37Gil Colony
Ward No. 38New Madhonagar
Ward No. 39Najirpura
Ward No. 40Gurudwara Road
Ward No. 41Shardan Nagar Dakshini
Ward No. 42Numaish Camp
Ward No. 43Sarai Hisamuddin
Ward No. 44Kutubsher
Ward No. 45Chhipiyan
Ward No. 46Mohit Vihar
Ward No. 47Khalapar
Ward No. 48Awas Vikas
Ward No. 49Mubarik Shah
Ward No. 50Hakikat Nagar
Ward No. 51Rani Bazar
Ward No. 52Kila Nawab Ganj
Ward No. 53Pratap Nagar Jain Bag
Ward No. 54Nur Basti
Ward No. 55Chandar Nagar
Ward No. 56Khata khedi Hayat Colony
Ward No. 57Sarai Mardan Ali
Ward No. 58Dinanath
Ward No. 59Matiya Mahal
Ward No. 60Hayat Colony
Ward No. 61Azad Colony
Ward No. 62Yahiya Shah
Ward No. 63Sawari Bag
Ward No. 64Wood Seasoning Plant
Ward No. 65Kamala Colony
Ward No. 66Nadeem Colony
Ward No. 67Daraali Bairun
Ward No. 68Aali Aahgaran
Ward No. 69Lohani Sarai
Ward No. 70Kaji Lakkhi Gate


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