Jharkhand Nagar Nikay [Nigam,Panchayat, Palika Parishad] Chunav Result 2018 Live | Vote Counting – Winner List

Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election Result 2018 | Jharkhand Nagar Nikay Chunav Parinam | Nagar Panchayat Jharkhand Election Results, Jharkhand Nagar Palika Parishad Election Live Vote Counting, Ward Wise Winner Candidate List

The Counting for Nagar Nikay Elections of Jharkhand Completed Successfully on 16th April 2018. Polling for Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Elections, Nagar Panchayat Chunav & Nagar Palika Elections 2018 took place on this very day. Now is the time to Find out Jharkhand Nagar Nikay Chunav 2018 Results. In this article we are Giving you Live & Updated Information regarding Jharkhand Nagar Nigam, Nagar Panchayat & Nagar Palika Parishad Election Results. We are Focusing on Every Municipal Corporation & Every Ward.  For Live Vote Counting Updates, You are advised to Bookmark this Page and Keep Checking it from time to time!

Jharkhand Nikay Chunav Result 2018 – Live Vote Counting

The Live Counting of Votes start early morning on 20th April 2018 i.e. on Friday. We have categorized Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Result, Jharkhand Nagar Panchayat Result & jharkhand Nagar Palika Parishad Result below for easy understanding.

Election State – Jharkhand

Election Type – Nagar Nikay Chunav i.e. Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika Parishad & Nagar Panchayat

Result Date – 20th April 2018

Live Vote Counting – Starts Early Morning on Friday

Winner Mayor List Availability – By Friday (20th April) Evening

Ward Wise Winner List Availability – By Friday (20th April) Evening

Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election Result 2018 Live – Winner Mayor List

There are 9 Nagar Nigams i.e. Municipal Corporations in Jharkhand – Modinagar Nagar Nigam, Chas Nagar Nigam, HajariBagh Nagar Nigam, Giridih Nagar Nigam, Ranchi Nagar Nigam,Adityapur Nagar Nigam, Dhanwad Nagar Nigam,Medininagar Nagar Nigam,Mango Nagar Nigam These Elections will decide the Mayors of these Municipal corporations. Once the counting Finishes we will Share the Name of the Winner Mayor Candidates .

Check Live Updates from Below :

Nagar Nigam/Municipal CorporationWinning/Leading Candidate NameAssociated Party
Modinagar Nagar Nigam
HajariBagh Nagar Nigam
Giridih Nagar Nigam
Ranchi Nagar Nigam
Adityapur Nagar Nigam
Chas Nagar Nigam
Medininagar Nagar Nigam
Mango Nagar Nigam

Jharkhand Nagar Panchayat Chunav Result – Live Vote Counting 2018

The Elections are taking Place in these Nagar Panchayats- Nagar Untari ,Hussainabad ,Chhatarpur , Laatehaar ,Domchanch  ,Rajmahal ,Barharwa ,Vaasukinath ,Jaamtada ,Khonti ,Bundu ,Saraykela ,Chakulia. We are Sharing the Live Vote Counting Updates with you Below – Once the counting finishes, You will have the details of the Winner Candidate Names

Nagar PanchayatWinner Candidate NameAssociated Party
Nagar Untari nagar Panchayat
Hussainabad Nagar Panchayat
Chhatarpur Nagar Panchayat
Laatehaar Nagar Panchayat 
Domchanch Nagar Panchayat
Rajmahal Nagar Panchayat
Barharwa Nagar Panchayat
Vaasukinath Nagar Panchayat
Jaamtada Nagar Panchayat
Khonti Nagar Panchayat
Bundu Nagar Panchayat
Saraykela Nagar Panchayat
Chakulia Nagar Panchayat

Nagar Palika Parishad Jharkhand Election Result 2018 Live

You can Check the Ward Wise Jharkhand Nikay Chunav Election Result right here. 

Nagar Palika Parishad NameWinning/Leading CandidateAssociated Party
Ramgarh Nagar Parishad Election
Gadhwa Nagar Palika Parishad Chunav
Chhatra Nagar Parishad Election
Madhupur Nagar Parishad Chunav
Godda Nagar Palika Parishad Election
Sahebganj Nagar Parishad Election
Pakud Nagar Parishad Chunav
Dumka Nagar Parishad Election
Mihijam Nagar Palika Election
Chirkunda Nagar Parishad Chunav
Fusro Nagar Parishad Election
Lohardaga Nagar Palika Parishad Election
Gumla Nagar Parishad Election
Simdega Nagar Parishad Election
Chaibasa Nagar Parishad Chunav
Kapali Nagar Parishad Election

Ward Wise Jharkhand Nikay Chunav Winner Candidate List

As soon as Live Vote Counting Finishes, we will be left with the final winner candidate name list. We will have the Ward Wise Details of Winning Candidates to Share with you. On the result declaration date, all the updated information will be shared right here with you.

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