Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 | Chunav Date | Voter List | Reservation


Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 | Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Chunav Date | Jharkhand Election 2018 Voter & Reservation List

Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 is going to be held in the year 2018. It is assuming that in March 2018 or April 2018, Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Chunav will schedule to be conducted. The preparation and process for the same have been started by the state election commission.

At first, Jharkhand state election commission will start the work for improving the voter list and submitting the names of the candidates for voter list. After doing these, Jharkhand state elections commission will issue the ward-wise reservation list of Nagar Nigam across the whole Jharkhand state.

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Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018

As we all know that Nagar Nigam Chunav of Jharkhand state is going to be held in the following year 2018. The voter list of Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 is going to be issued by State Election Commission Jharkhand. Any person can submit his/ her name in the voter list but the condition is that he/she must attain the age of 18 years.

Then he/she may Apply for their name in the voter list Booth level officer (BLO). In addition, that has to provide details about themselves to Booth level officer along with their current photograph. The link to the voter list of any ward can be downloaded by any willing person by visiting its official website of Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018. Then you may search for the ward wise voter list or Jharkhand Nagar Nikay Election 2018.


Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Chunav Date/Schedule

Note – As per the media sources the election process might start from March 2018

Currently there is no news regarding the Election Date of Jharkhand Nagar Nigam chunav. Soon the Election commission will released official notification stating the complete election schedule along with other key information. As soon as the notification is released, you will get direct link to download it.

Jharkhand Election 2018 | Voter List | Reservation List

Jharkhand Municipal Election 2018 Reservation List Wardwise

Ward No. 1STOpen
Ward No. 2STOpen
Ward No. 3UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 4BCOpen
Ward No. 5SCWomen
Ward No. 6UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 7UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 8UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 9BCWomen
Ward No. 10UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 11UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 12STOpen
Ward No. 13STWomen
Ward No. 14SCOpen
Ward No. 15STOpen
Ward No. 16BCOpen
Ward No. 17UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 18UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 19STWomen
Ward No. 20UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 21BCOpen
Ward No. 22UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 23BCOpen
Ward No. 24BCOpen
Ward No. 25BCOpen
Ward No. 26UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 27BCOpen
Ward No. 28BCWomen
Ward No. 29BCWomen
Ward No. 30BCWomen
Ward No. 31BCOpen
Ward No. 32UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 33UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 34UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 35STOpen
Ward No. 36STOpen
Ward No. 37UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 38UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 39UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 40UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 41UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 42BCOpen
Ward No. 43UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 44UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 45UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 45UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 47STWomen
Ward No. 48UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 49UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 50UnreservedWomen
Ward No. 51STWomen
Ward No. 52UnreservedOpen
Ward No. 53STWomen


A fresh delimitation and reservation roster along with voter list for Jharkhand Nagar Nikay Chunav 2018 will be prepared and presented by Jharkhand state elections commission. On the randomized basis, the reservation for ward members and for chairman post can be done.

  • There are total 9 Nagar Nigam in Jharkhand Municipal Corporation state 2017.
  • There are total 19 Nagar Palika Parished in Jharkhand state in which Jharkhand Nagar Palika Parishad election 2018 will be held.

Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election Result

Once the voting for Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 ends, the result will be declared very soon of Jharkhand Nagar Nigam chunav 2018 by Jharkhand state election commission. The result will be published in the newspaper and will also telecast on the television after the declaration. But you may access the accuracy of the result of Jharkhand Nagar Nigam Election 2018 by clicking on the link given by the official website of the Jharkhand state election commission.

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